May 28, 2010

oh hey. - blog funny again.

(horrid quality webcam photos. large op shop jumper)

Drank coffee while watching anime in japanese class today! Then bought knee high socks for my ABBA outfit for a Eurovision party on sunday! Then came home to eat more of that bakery carrot cake and learn that i have heaps of work this week = lots of money for well needed clothes! :D was going to see The Back Up Plan with Benjamin but changed my mind and we came home to watch Plan 9 From Outer Space, which was amazing. I bought it in colour! the other day we went and saw the new Robin Hood, which was  pretty worth seeing. Also went out for dinner and got deep fried mushrooms and lemon lime and bitters, which is the best drink ♥ Oh yeah, i bought Plan 9 and SHE in a double pack, classic horror! Currently watching Pokemon and downing about a litre of red cordial!! :D


  1. Cute pictures ;D And kudos to the ring. So darling.

  2. We love the cardigan. You have such pretty eyes!

    xx .sabo skirt.