August 20, 2009


sooooo, my birthday is in a month and a half and im making a WISH LIST. :) not that i will get most of the things, but its nice to dream!if i lived in a more exciting place, i would have alot more on this list! too bad mostly all expensive :( like new extensions. oh man. list up later :D (BELOW). im addicted to the gym! there three or four times a week and go go go! sit up machine and bike and rowing machine are love ♥!! i used to row ;) WEEEE. have you ever had a chocolate soy milkshake? they are to die for! :) today i drew an outline of an oversized dress and drew a pattern of jelly slice. it looks really good if you ask me. then i need to take two photos based on tea parties and all will be good :D in japanese lately we have been watching documentaries on geisha. and we just finished watching memoirs of a geisha - ONE OF MY FAVOURITE FILMS. mmm such a good film :)
this list is actually only up so mum can check it through blogger so she knows. as she needs to know ;) cake or no cake?

1. new hair extensions. 2. alien boxset. 3. coconut perfume from body shop. 4. kawaii nails.

5. latest RANZUKI magazine. 6. vintage e-bay clothing! 7. 80s glasses. to glitterize maybe :D

8. pretty rings :) 9. jewels for phone! 10. glitter/jewel vest. 11. glitter nail polish.

12. organic body/hair care. 13. edie (60s) earrings? 14. ben-x

THATS IT. for noowwww ;) yippee.

a tattoo :) pwease mummy. eeeep.

August 9, 2009

add a little parasite.


woweee, love love love them. old school sci fi = my new favourite thing. i work at a video store and i have decided to rent out the entire sciencce fiction section. even though that will cost ALOT. i also really like Ed Wood's films. i've seen the movie about his life, with johnny depp in it, and they look so cool! aha B grade movies, they're brilliant too :) so i am hoping that i can find some somewhere to rent or buy :D meep, so good. i am hopefully getting the alien box set for my birthday in just under two months. and cocnut perfume from the body shop! :) i love coconut scented things :)

i am currently sick, which means no school. yayy ^__^ although i will have to get started on my art piece, on tea parties. i need four ideas. i have some.

what do you think of when someone say "tea parties?"

yesterday i bought the latest yen magazine, yeah i know, im a bit slow ha. that, along with my other favourite frankie, are goooooooooooooood :D even benjamin enjoys a flick through. i like the makeup and fashion articles and most of the time the artists or photographers featured in them are brilliant! at one stage i wanted to write for yen or frankie, not so sure now though, so many things to choose from. but it would be such an awesome job!

my next post, i will have some exciting news. for me anyway :D :D

August 2, 2009


"hi big boy."
i watched alien today, loved it aha. sci-fi movies are great great great, i am going to rent them all out and have a marathon. they're so funny to watch, meep.


1. sushi.

2. jelly slice

3. coffee.

4. pocky.

5. cupcakes.

6. fizzers!

7. soy strawberry milkshakes.

8. mushroom bit lollies (coles).

9. seaweed crackers.

10. carob licorice!

although coffee is more a drink, its an addictive snack of mine, and bens ha. drink lots :) for all my snacks, well moooost ha, i go to natures works to buy health food. i spend around $20 or more a week in there, as i mainly only eat that that type of food, health food. so tasty :)
gym + health food = good feeling ^__^
mother owns the johnny depp movie 'ed wood', a film about the worst director of all time. i want to track down his films and watch them all. id also like to watch andy warhols films he made. I LOVE EDIE SEDGWICK. her makeup, is amazing, im going to try it out sooon. love 60s fashion. and 90s ;)

August 1, 2009

hi, im sushi.

BEST SUSHI EVER FOR LUNCH TODAY. avacado, tofu and egg roll. :D so good, i really wish i bought more for my dinner but the omelette i made for din dins was still tasty.
yesterday i... got my nose pieced!! i got my monroe done (upper lip) for my birthday last year and then yesterday i went with my friend to get her belly done and i came out with my nose pierced :D i like it. i will put a ring in soon. when it heals and isnt red. craving icecream right now, but, of course, i cant have any. strawberry milkshake :D nommy.
so the other night, watching fear and loathing in las vegas. brilliant movie! ben and i love johnny depp in it! i am thinking about going to tafe next year, to do art school. but then i may not be able to keep learning japanese. my japanese teacher is italian, she is so nice :) so i dont know, art school could be so much fun. college fails.
i may post a top ten now, or tomorrow :D top ten.. food?