June 27, 2010

just mint.

♥ Pixies grey hair, I want it! Joy Division t-shirt is amazing, Zoe from Grand Theft Thrift is beautiful!
Soo this week I was a hermit and school and have been doing nothing but study and assignments! Although I did see Shrek 4, which is well worth seeing, and just saw Toy Story 3! It was amazing :D plus the popcorn, coke and maltesers! ;) if anyone has seen Shutter Island, they will understand how amazing it is! I bought it yesterday, keen to watch it for the second time tonight! Lately I have grown an obsession with buying expensive underwear and its emptying my wallet very quickly. Its lovely aha. Japanese and housing homework is killing me! I have to admit, my weekend WAS pretty wonderful :D drinks and singstar until 4am friday, best day ever with my bestie on saturday including Maccas and K-Mart and then seeing Toy Story and spending tonightrelaxing with bestie again! ♥ 

June 23, 2010


I went onto the Black Milk online store to decide whether I want to buy the galaxy tights, and found new bodysuits! SO EXCITED. Buuut alas, they are $75US each and the tights are $60US, so expensive. I will be tempted very soon! Last night I bought a top on Etsy from the shop Lamixx and can be seen here worn by style icon Zoe from Lookbook.nu. Cannot wait for it to arrive! :D
Off to see Shrek 4 tonight! :D

June 19, 2010

get him to the greek ♥

Everybody has to see this! Ahh it made me fall in love with Russell Brand, which I never thought could happen.. AND JONAH HILL = amazing babe aha. It was sooo funny. Best movie I have seen in a while, a tiny bit better than Prince of Persia ;)

I have just got home from work, where I get to where Toy Story 3 t-shirts!! And am now re-watching Factory Girl for the kazillionth time. Edie Sedgwick ♥

June 17, 2010

darling i do.

love the tights, love the dress!

Just some photos from around! From Lookbook.nu and Shelley's blog.

Back at school this weeeek :( Although I have only gone for four classes as I took today off with a bad cough! Was meant to do homework but got sidetracked bye movies, Facebook and my friend Ben came round! Last night I watched the movie Adam, everyone should watch it!! It made me cry but at the same time it was so happy :) I like movies like Adam and I am on the hunt to buy it! Buuuut it seems it's really expensive, damn. I had soo much work in the holidays and now i have lots of money! Soo excited for shopping. The other day i managed to get two vintage cardigans and a pair of vintage shoes for $19 at the op-shop, woo! Ahh last monday I had a photoshoot with a friend to help with her photography assignment, I will post those photoswhen she uploads them! And I am having another this week in an attempt to get on Lookbook.nu, hopefully they'll accept me! On the movie front, I guess the last one i saw at the cinema was either The BackUp Plan or Sex and the city 2 buuut this saturday I am seeing Get him to the Greek with Ben! :D and hopefully later in the week seeing Shrek 4!
I have so much more to write about! But I dont want to make this post into an essay ha. 

June 6, 2010

lookbook for the day!

Went and saw the Back Up Plan with Emily today and had clinkers! Followed with MacDonalds, a pizza and then a surprise visit to Ben and watched him master Arkham Asylum on PS3! Also bought pink grapefruit body wash from the Body Shop on the new AVP game on PC for $45. BARGAIN. Can't wait to install it :D I had cupcakes for lunch, mm nom nom. One week of holidays left! I have alot of housing homework and need to learn japanese as I cant remember a thing! ARGH. I think I may be off to see prince of Persia tomorrow night though, yay! Which means popcorn for dinner and also means I get to spend more time at my work... Speaking of that, I am tempted to get more work and drop two subjects? Blahh over school. Want money. Anyway, to the people that actually read or follow: have a nice weekend and leave nice comments :) Oh and i saw Sex and the City 2, yeahh not that brilliant. But funny.

June 2, 2010

i do it for you.

(audrey kitching buzznet, radarzine, lookbook, fuck yeah faris badwan, my pictures oopsies)
i like pictures, that have nothing in common.
It is official, I have been listening to JLo all the time lately! Due to hearing her at work all the time. "What is 
love", brilliant song aha. Help. Sex and the City 2 tomorrow, exciiiited. Then seven hours of work BUT then none all weekend. Which leaves time for whiskey and sleep. And more JLo! Should have lots of money for the weekend, so I predict it will all be spent on clothing, coffee, lollies and movies aha. I love when I get a big pay! Had a brilliant night last night with friends at the unit, but alas, no photos as it was shit lighting and well, I took photos of toast and they came out yellow. Joy. Gossip Girl + popcorn + raisin toast + toasted hashbrowns + incense + oreos = makes for a good night! I need to start being happier, I just keep moping all day everyday and its starting to drive me crazy, so I'm on a mission. Happiness as of now:
1. strong coffee as always.
2. fruitloops.
3. JLo ;)
4. joy division.
5. primary colours by the horrors.
6. simply staring at mr badwan.
8. choc covered coffee beans.
9. liquid eyeliner.
10. attempting to be healthy. but failing.