May 13, 2010

the smell of a growing icecream.

neeeeed moccasins like these!

high waisted black jeans + shoes + the top = please appear in my wardrobe!

her eye makeup ♥
(lookbook + cobrasnake)

Tomorrow I may dye my hair the colour of one of the girls' in the last two pictures! Darrrk :) opposed to my strawberry blonde/orange hair that it is now, which i am starting to feel sea-sick about. Need a change! Had the best lunch yesterday, a soy chai latte! I used to live off them. NOM NOM. Im on a hunt for a black long sleeved top with ruched shoulders! They are beauuuutiful! Went op-shopping today = fail! And ate red licorice, it was amazing. I am a lollie-a-holic! I would really like a denim jacket, tan mocassins, ruched shoulder top, a new leather jacket, white stockings, joy division/the cure t-shirts, some jeeaans, lots of new rings, more sunglassesand a black blazer. PLUS about fifty movies and video games that i do not have the money for. :( my weekend plan: Off to a friend, Stef's, to bake bake bake and drink blue omni! :D so excited. It shall be wonderful.


  1. cool outfit. and seems like you spend a great weekend.. cool photos! =D

  2. im so excited about my weekend!
    and thanks! :D

  3. wow loving all of the styles in this post

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