July 23, 2010


TWINKIE CHAN makes the cutest pieces! Scarves, bags, pins and plushies! She herself is so adorable looking and her items are to die for! "Eat your cake and wear too" makes me hungry for cupcaakkkes! I really need one of her beautiful scarves, save save save! Found her blog along time ago and completely forgot to save the page and just re-discovered and keen to get a piece or t-shirt!  :D  ALSO, you should check out her tattoos, so cute!
Ahh life, so hectic this week! My car got stolen and was sighted in an armed robbery, had a paper interview, lots of late shifts at work, dentist tomorrow, I have three school folios to complete including my art one! Also I have my two exams and Japanese oral exam over the next two weeks buuut I also get the entire exam period off school! YAYAYAY. Benjamin bought me a toy Formula 1 car and choc coated coffee beans today and people kept giving me hot chips and I had sushi! I have lots of money to splurge = rings, new phone, lollies, clothes and op shopping! I also bought a dinosaur doona cover for my new queen size one! Ahh this weekend will be k-mart, Benjamin's house, work work work, Stef's new house saturday night aaannnddd study! 

July 17, 2010

its hard to save the world, when you're falling in love.

I live off liquorice lately! Bought some red, mango and blackcurrant! :D Bought Shutter Island as it is amazing and Mew Mew Power was only $3 a volume and watched it! Its lovely! EEEE. Guess all I have done this week is homework, saw Grown ups which was pretty funny, bought a dinosaur doona cover and another baking set all for $22! Had wine time with Stef thursday night, as I cant tonight (Saturday) as I have work at 8am tomorrow! Oh the pain. I need to go on an op-shop adventure, I am running out of clothes slowly! I also bought Ponyo and original King Kong for $5! MADE MY DAY :D  Thinking about going to QLD for animation next year? Does anyone know about the Griffith University Animation course...

babe and cake.

Snoop has the best suit! Katy has the best hair! 
Thankyou Stef for putting this song in my head! ;)

July 14, 2010

just not there.

I feel I should post a blog in the near future.
But I am well busy.
I do apologise. :)
I have photos to upload!

July 9, 2010


A few sexy photos from a photoshoot a few weeks ago. Friend Emily was the photographer and myself and Brittony were her models! We had another one last friday at an abandoned bomb shelter and those photos should be up soon! Been watching original 007 movies with Ben, then went to school today and class wasnt on so I could have slept for hours! So went to town and bought the original King Kong movie for $5 and  a big bag of blackcurrant licorice for $1! :D made my day. Settling down now in pj's now having cereal and coffee! Also had to go and get a blood test yesterday and passed out, aha! But they gave me jelly beans so i was happy! OFF TO SEE THE NEW PREDATOR TONIGHT!! Pumped? YES. Will post photos of a few things I have bought later on :) I feel I am in for a weekend of work and boringness. Bugger.
craving choc coated coffee beans and in love with the kills.

July 2, 2010

jellybeans and a babe in bed.

(cobra snake / johnnys bird / modcloth)
Been a hectic week, homework overload! And exams in a few weeks! I am so stressed right now, and trying to make decisions about next year! Gap year? Move away? Uni to do something..? Bah. Watched Love Happens, which was average, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is soo amazing! Love love love. Currently lying in bed next to my favourite person, who is asleep, after spending the afternoon with hot chips, coke, lollies and watching Predator and Toxic Avenger! ♥ Bought new car seat covers, an op shop tea set and intense deep red hair dye! Dyed it, love = HAPPY. Work at eleven tomorrow, then cruising around all the 24/7 shops with friends! :D
p.s BLACKMILK have more stuff out! I love it all :D