June 30, 2015

Sukin Super Greens - Review.

These green products hit the shelves of Australian beauty suppliers earlier this year but I've only recently collected the whole (small) range and had the pleasure of using them every morning and night! I'm going to do a quick review on each product and how I personally use them because they are some of the best drugstore products I have ever used!

The collection differs from the regular Sukin products due to the active 'green' ingredients such as parsley and spirulina. Sukin offer most of their body/face products in a sensitive option, too and 'DermaSukin' is also available for specific skin issues or those looking to target problems such as acne. I have tried many of the normal Sukin products before and had no great results and had a very bad reaction to their rosehip oil. Since reacting to this product, I steered clear of my Sukin products for a few months and invested in more expensive skincare as my skin has been particularly bad for about six months now but I decided to trial these! I now own all four 'Super Greens'products and myself and my partner use them everyday!

Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturiser.
Similar to the regular daily moisturiser by Sukin, this cream soaks in fast and doesn't leave skin feeling heavy, clogged or sticky! I use this every morning after toning and every night after using the Facial Recovery Serum and it leaves my face with a healthy glow and feeling fresh. The smell is amazing, just like the majority of Sukin products. I don't feel the need to use a night time moisturiser when I use this. My skin is normal - Not particularly dry nor oily with occasional t-zone breakouts.

Facial Recovery Serum.
As mentioned above, I use this every night following my cleansing routine just before bed. I use two squirts and that is plenty for my whole face. It smells amazing, soaks in quickly and is that extra layer of moisture before going to sleep. My moisturiser also soaks in better when I use this. As the products mention, they are designed to give the skin a healthy glow and I find it does that!

Detoxifying Clay Masque.
I wasn't sure if this would be worth it as I had seen photos and it looked quite drying on the skin, which is what I wanted to avoid with regular breakouts but I am so glad I picked it up! I began using this once a week, as with most masks, but found I can now use it about three times a week without it negatively affecting my skin. I use this before I get in the shower by dampening my skin and rubbing it all over my face. I leave it for about ten minutes before washing it off in the shower and massaging it in like a cleanser. It does not dry my skin but leaves it incredibly smooth! My boyfriend also uses this now and loves it!

Detoxifying Facial Scrub.
For about two years, my facial cleanser have been from Lush and contain gentle (natural) exfoliants so I held off buying this for a while. After having great results from my first initial 'Super Greens' products (the serum and mask) I bought this! I use it once or twice a week in the shower in place of my daily cleanser and it is in no way harsh or stripping. My skin is left soft and a great smooth base if I am to continue on with makeup.

If you live in Australia, do not go past Sukin products or think they will be ineffective due to their cheap pricing ($10-$15 for most products) as they have saved my skin from it's worst stage. I also use Grown Alchemist's Balancing Toner and Gentle Facial Cleanser but I think I can attribute most of my success to Sukin! All Sukin products are cruelty free/vegan and that makes me so happy!

- Zoe.