February 21, 2010

just a fill in.

I won my pair of brown pixie boots, they should arrive soon!
The other day i discovered the best thing to have going in the background whilst studying.. special features on a movie! I'm so busy now school is back. I have to design a bedroom, heaps of japanese to revise and an art piece due in two weeks! blahh. im also thinking about studying film at VCA (victorian college of the arts). would be amazing. :)
A few days ago, we got our fifth and sixth rats! Two black and white females, Poppy and Coco. cutieeeeees.

Zachary Quinto = attractive as Spock. wink wink.

If only he was Vulcan 24/7..

February 10, 2010

if school was fun...

...it would be pink. First day back, year 12, different college and all my friends! I was a tad loner-ish last year, i only had three friends and spent most of my spare time in the library. NERD. Which was fine, but not for the whole year.. Studying Japanese, fine art, housing + design and modern world history but i think I'll swap it to film or photography. My feet are so so sore from all the gigantic stairs though! Wore the wrong shoes obviously..
NEARLY WATCHED ALL THE STAR TREK MOVIES! YAYYYYY. Up to 'Undiscovered Country' tonight! :D although i have already seen IX and XI! (the 2008 release). I'm about to put VI on now and then after din dins I'm off to watch an Ed Wood film! Ed Wood, as in the worst director ever? YES YES YES. His films look amazing and I'm so excited to watch 'Bride of the Atom' (Bride of the Monster) tonight! I've seen the film 'Ed Wood' starring Johnny Depp, a short biography on parts of Ed's life in film making, A BAZILLION TIMES. By the time i have finished watching all these movies, Big Bang Theory series 2 will be available in stores! I'm so excited, I could marry Sheldon. I will, you watch. Jim Parsons seems so friendly and cute in interviews!
Considering I only have one year of school left I should decide on what i want to do, i will now babble.. mm something involving japanese fashion magazines? or something fun and exciting based in japan! a GAMES TESTER is my dream job ^__^ or just doing art and not making an income and living off noodles? YEAH. film critic would be good, but I'd fail. pastry chef = bad hours. fashion. photography. anime. manga. some freaky science fiction nerd who does cosplay on weekends and does something somewhere that involves that? ha. :) makeup..? probably doing a makeup course next year in Melbourne anyway!! shut up zoe.
I am very poor but keep buying things? A dress, a nautical-looking leotard, lip smackers :) and new macara! and i am bidding on shoes almost identical to these: