April 23, 2010

tofu is so sweet.

some cupcakes mum made for sisters birthday! nom nom.

Off to see Nanny McPhee tomorrow with my sister, then Iron Man 2 on wednesday! Yep, the day before it is even released, sneaky! I'm very excited for Iron Man though, eeeep! I'd really like to see How To Train Your Dragon, Clash Of The Titans, Hurt Locker and possibly Date Night and Hot Tub Time Machine!? Been watching more original Star Strek with Benjamin, series two now :) Going out for a friends 18th tomorrow night too, shall be good. Drink up the peach wine! Everything is just dandy.

(cobrasnake) -

April 16, 2010

April 7, 2010

showers of caramel and jelly, mmm...

Sportsgirl scarf, Silmarillion by JRR Tolkein, Transformers game,
Death Note: BB Murder cases.
+ me looking like a bald boy...

in the last week i have managed to watch:
1. where the wild things are.
2. robocop.
3. terminator salvation.
4. terminator 2.
5. the last song.
6. shes out of my league.
7. finished skins season 2.
8. batman animated series.
9. mars attacks.
10. hellboy 2.
11. terminator 1.
12. 9.
13. trekkies 2.
+ a bazillion others probably that i cant remember!
and copious amounts of television, such as seinfeld!
a superb way to spend the easter holidays! :D