February 28, 2011


(cobrasnake/weheartit/photo booth obsession photo/rough unfinished picture)

Went for a ride on dad's Harley today that he had for the weekend! Big long ride and now I'm in pain from sitting for so long! Buuuut, so much fun! It's so weird being the passenger on a bike and not the driver of a car... Just had a nice BBQ dinner with friends, got some mosquito bites and now in bed with Big Bang Theory ♥  I think it's about time I finished a drawing and do something with it, instead of having a million unfinished ones lying about on my bed. Just being lazy... Also should finish reading Batman Gothic.

February 25, 2011


Their Youtube account.

DIG? is a local neo psychedelic from Launceston and consists of my favourite man and his best friend. Lovely lovely music that all of you need to listen to. I remember when they played at school once and all the adults were saying how they were 'the best psychedelic band since the 60s!' So there you go, give them a listen and if you are from Launceston, attend Skinny Geans on March 19th and see them play amongst other local bands! And if you are in Brisbane, QLD, pick a free copy of their EP from Three Worlds Music! ♥

February 23, 2011


This little beast is almost a year old now since creation and I am thinking of selling them? Or smaller ones to fit on a key ring! Would anybody, ANYBODY, be interested in buying one if i was to sell them through Etsy? I'm selling them regardless, but just want opinions!

February 21, 2011


Two of my walls are pink, my curtains are pink and even my floor is pink. I'm surrounding by cute things, movies, manga, rats, glow in the dark stars and bric-a-brac in my room. It's my own little wonderland. And no, I don't make my bed.

February 17, 2011


I may have lost my camera... Soo I'm going snap happy with my new Mac! Featuring my new $70 Sportsgirl jumper ♥ And Edie and Neko the rats.
Everyone is back at school and I'm not. I'm working and getting money to go to Japan and buy lots and lots of THINGS. A much better way to spend my time, sleeping til one or two, having a coffee, watching star trek, drawing some stuff, lunch dates, then going to work. I'm freeeeee. Although my lover is away and I feel lost without him! Just finished watching Star Trek: Next Gen 1. And dyed the tips of my hair, photos of it will be up when it's dry and such!


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February 10, 2011

Super Blogger! helpmeoutplease!


Thankyou to those who have been commenting and helping to boost my page views!
I'm a little annoyed that I write a blog and post it, then the edit button won't work so when I think of something to add, I can't! Grr.
Keep helping please :D it doesn't take more than a click of the mouse!

February 7, 2011

back in action.

I can now blog again, although I have lost all my photos off my old computer so I feel a little lost and need to re-build a collection! I have a few new posts up on my Blockbuster Super Blogger profile so give it a read! Apart from all that I haven't really done alot over the last week apart from work, movies, watched the last few episodes of The X-files, a girls night at a friends unit and shopping! I'm not going back to school until at least mid year so hopefully I will have more time to blog and do interesting things!

Thankyou to Benj for showing me this! ♥

February 2, 2011

Blockbuster Super Blogger!

With my lack of computer my blogging is going downhill although! I bought a new MacBook Pro but am just waiting for it :) OKAY, so, through the Blockbuster website I discovered the Blockbuster Super Blogger competition AND the prize is pretty much my dream come true. Writing about movies ♥ I will be blogging, posting photos and videos and doing everything I can to win this! it's a long shot but one way of helping me is just by popping onto the Blockbuster Super Blogger website and checking out the things I have posted or by dropping in a comment! it would be very helpful for me and doesn't take much energy! Thankyou :D