May 28, 2010

oh hey. - blog funny again.

(horrid quality webcam photos. large op shop jumper)

Drank coffee while watching anime in japanese class today! Then bought knee high socks for my ABBA outfit for a Eurovision party on sunday! Then came home to eat more of that bakery carrot cake and learn that i have heaps of work this week = lots of money for well needed clothes! :D was going to see The Back Up Plan with Benjamin but changed my mind and we came home to watch Plan 9 From Outer Space, which was amazing. I bought it in colour! the other day we went and saw the new Robin Hood, which was  pretty worth seeing. Also went out for dinner and got deep fried mushrooms and lemon lime and bitters, which is the best drink ♥ Oh yeah, i bought Plan 9 and SHE in a double pack, classic horror! Currently watching Pokemon and downing about a litre of red cordial!! :D

May 27, 2010

May 25, 2010


These are just photos I took while eating my carrot cake the other morning :) My rats: Neko and Edie. Plus my cat Licorice! Oh yeah,and my phone and hair shine spray aha. Just returned from looking at a house to move into, it was a failure. it had a bedroom smaller than my queen bed...Fish and chips or pizza for dinner. NOM NOM. I was going to take some photos of myself, like fashion ones, but my camera died. :( oww. This isnt very exciting, but I had the photos so here they are.

May 23, 2010

weekend and today. - this blog looks funny and wont fix no matter what!

half and half - vego/magarita ♥ with extra chilli!

Friend Stef and I had the house to ourselves so we had a HOT spa, too hot to get in, watched top gear, rented Glee, ordered pizza, drank omni and ate lots of lollies! My camera was dying so the photos are horrible and photos of us = fail. It was a lovely girly night :) I only have one week of school left! YAYYY. Holidays = movies, being unhealthy, sleeping and working to pay for my online shopping ;) I dyed my hair dark brown twice last weekend and now its fading? So i have orange streaks and its horrid. These are just two pictures I found this morning while going through blogs.

Shelley Mulshine, from her blog.

Audrey Kitching, from her blog.

May 20, 2010

shelley mulshine.

(shelley mulshines
She is a 19 year old girl from Sweden and her looks are amazing. Varying from pink and girly to all black. I love the last photo! so happy i have all those clothes to make my own look like it :) I guess I kind of idolise this little lady. Her fashion is so lovely, she is successful at 19 and seems really happy. Her blog is here and lookbook is here. Lookbook is silly and only saves most pictures as whole pages so i cant get more photos other than ones I have saved!

May 17, 2010

i rule the world.

My friend Stef and I had a lovely afternoon cooking on saturday! I made a batch of cupcake ixture that was supposed to make 18 normal sized cuppies but made 25 small ones, a love cake and a slab of cake! I put so much vanilla essence in, they were amazing! Although Stef and her lamingtons, well... ha ;)  I'm sick today so alas, no shopping as planned! Maybe I will drive to the op-shops though, sneakily. Guess I will spend the day watching Pokemon, doing katakana practice and eating. Sounds good. AND ONLINE SHOPPING :D

May 13, 2010

the smell of a growing icecream.

neeeeed moccasins like these!

high waisted black jeans + shoes + the top = please appear in my wardrobe!

her eye makeup ♥
(lookbook + cobrasnake)

Tomorrow I may dye my hair the colour of one of the girls' in the last two pictures! Darrrk :) opposed to my strawberry blonde/orange hair that it is now, which i am starting to feel sea-sick about. Need a change! Had the best lunch yesterday, a soy chai latte! I used to live off them. NOM NOM. Im on a hunt for a black long sleeved top with ruched shoulders! They are beauuuutiful! Went op-shopping today = fail! And ate red licorice, it was amazing. I am a lollie-a-holic! I would really like a denim jacket, tan mocassins, ruched shoulder top, a new leather jacket, white stockings, joy division/the cure t-shirts, some jeeaans, lots of new rings, more sunglassesand a black blazer. PLUS about fifty movies and video games that i do not have the money for. :( my weekend plan: Off to a friend, Stef's, to bake bake bake and drink blue omni! :D so excited. It shall be wonderful.

May 11, 2010

it was a birthday present, from you, actually.

benji made me a picture!

mm my daily diet! fruitloops + black coffee + fairy bread.

- chocolate soy milk
- smackers vanilla shampoo
- vanilla perfume
- coconut lip butter
- thick bed socks
- coooffeee as usual
- shopping!
- shine serum for hair
- beanies
- garry pepper vintage
- fruitloops
♥ ♥

May 3, 2010

sir, we've found him.

This week I saw Iron man 2 with Benjamin and people from work, loved it! And having Robert Downey Jr in it, makes it even moooorre amazing ;) Agree? Agreed. I wants to see it again. And Tonight I went and saw Hot Tub Time Machine, I DEFINITELY recommend it. It is actually laugh out loud funny. Good Good. Hopefully off to see The Hurt Locker with daddy this week, I'm excited to see it as it won best film at the Oscars! Ahh, movies. My life. But I did watch the Japanese film Machine Girl the other night, err, not so fantastic aha. I need to go op-shopping this week! And buy a cream lace leotard! And moccasins! And fifty other things on my list.

favourite look (lookbook)

quick list of nothing:
1. i need coffee right now. at midnight.
2. benjamin makes me happy happy.
3. i feel like tofu sushi and lots of lollies.
4. been vego (3rd time now) for 7 monthsish!
5. i love my new job :)