July 30, 2009

jelly rat.

the chocolate on my show, does NOT resemble chocolate. not that it matters too much to me, as i am lactose intolerant and cannot eat it anyway. my art teacher gave me, only me, a ceramic mask to decorate today. i felt special, but what was i supposed to draw on it? i drew squiggley lines and flowers :) aha. my cats heartbeat right no is pretty fast. IM REALLY HAPPY RIGHT NOW. because im going out to sushi with boy and friends tomorrow then to their house, for movies :) this post has no meaning. also in art today, we were given outr new task. we choose a topic and can show it through four seperate art workd using whatever medium and materials we wish. my topic is tea parties, i started it last night and then realised toda that i could use the drawing i did for art class. yayy :) this is my jelly slice from the other day :D

so tasty! :D make some! its easy peasy lemon squeezy.

and this is neko, one of my rats, eating her fair share. licking the condensed milk :) cutie.

July 28, 2009


this is my first post on my pink laptop!! arrived an hour ago :D
i've decided to start doing a top ten thing.
i guess on each post i will have a new list, or one a week or something :)
sooo today i will do... TOP TEN MOVIES?

1. ben X.

2. donnie darko.

3. lord of the rings trilogy.

4. factory girl.

5. studio ghibli collection.

6. memoirs of a geisha.

7. kung fu panda.

8. curious case of benjamin button.

9. candy.

10. pokemon movies.

YAYYY :D but there are so many more brilliant movies, like finding neverland which i watched again last night. it made me feel inspired to write and draw, so i did :) peter pan is an amazing story. so today, im heading to benjamins house to watch fear and loathing in las vegas. is it good? we watched train spotting the nother night, good movie :) yayy so excited, using my brand new pink laptop. from here, i can blog, search e-bay and take webcam photos of my ratties :) :) one of my sisters rats is on my shoulder now, shaking silly little duffer. hopefully today i can fix my chipped pink nails, maybe ill do this to my nails:

these are from kawaiinails.com. one day ill buy some! this particular set is $50 US dollars. bugger. but there are totemo kawaii desu ne. makeup time! toddles :)

July 26, 2009

toying with suicide brings you horses.

i love foreign films!
last night after work i rented a movie called Ben X, it's sort of like Donnie Darko, one of my favourite movies ever! its about teenage boy who has little daily rituals and his entire life is based upon his computer game, Archlord. he is constantly bullied at school and he has been diagnosed with autism and being very sensitive to everything. one incident after another makes him worse, so he turns to his 'healer', a female player of Archlord. he decides its time for end game and as he reaches his worst, facing suicide, his life changes.

okay, i probably just made that sound boring and uninteresting, but its brilliant! its a german movie made in 2007 but was just released here in australia. :) 10 out of 10 from me.
i suggest everyone should watch it. if you liked donnie darko, definitely watch :D

ben X.


July 24, 2009

trainspotting & tea parties.

cupcakes, trainspotting and green tea. nothing can beat that when it comes to tea parties!
do you like tea parties?


im looking for some fabric to make dresses from. i have drawn up the patterns and such but now i just need to figure out how im going to make them, and what from!

i want a few to look like this:

this is a jesus diamante dress, i love all the stuff in their shop, well, most.
but its all so expensive, meep.
its all like a hime gyaru style, the japanese fashion, mmm its so pretty.
i guess i will get my dresses underway soon, as soon as i figure out how to!
mother will help ;)
now, lunch time. keen for soy coffee.

July 22, 2009



i think, after mixing one kilo of icing sugar, they came out quite tasty. chocolate icing dripping all over the place! i will admit, i did taste a few spoonfuls of mixture. or more :)
four of the neopolitan castles were lucky enough to get pretty pretty topping. they got those jewel like sprinkles! im saving those for tomorrow. when i will have a beautiful picnic with my lovely boy, benjamin :) we are having a green tea and cupcake party :D we love green tea - possibly the best tasting thing ever!

don't know how i feel about this coke though.

- green tea flavour!


nom nom x

konnichiwa (:

heello blogger :)
i am an art and japanese student.
i am IN LOVE with japan.
i will post something later, as im fiddling around with my rats.
and potato salad. :D :D

two pink possums, is my mother :)