May 17, 2010

i rule the world.

My friend Stef and I had a lovely afternoon cooking on saturday! I made a batch of cupcake ixture that was supposed to make 18 normal sized cuppies but made 25 small ones, a love cake and a slab of cake! I put so much vanilla essence in, they were amazing! Although Stef and her lamingtons, well... ha ;)  I'm sick today so alas, no shopping as planned! Maybe I will drive to the op-shops though, sneakily. Guess I will spend the day watching Pokemon, doing katakana practice and eating. Sounds good. AND ONLINE SHOPPING :D


  1. Yum, great looking icing too! Just reminding you you won a giveaway over at my blog a little while ago, some wool. Send me address if you still want it, i'm throwing in some craft mags too. Bec

  2. god these look amazing. and damn tasty too.

  3. sorry about the mix up bec. :) but thanks!
    they were amazing. so much vanilla in them! mm nom nom.