May 23, 2010

weekend and today. - this blog looks funny and wont fix no matter what!

half and half - vego/magarita ♥ with extra chilli!

Friend Stef and I had the house to ourselves so we had a HOT spa, too hot to get in, watched top gear, rented Glee, ordered pizza, drank omni and ate lots of lollies! My camera was dying so the photos are horrible and photos of us = fail. It was a lovely girly night :) I only have one week of school left! YAYYY. Holidays = movies, being unhealthy, sleeping and working to pay for my online shopping ;) I dyed my hair dark brown twice last weekend and now its fading? So i have orange streaks and its horrid. These are just two pictures I found this morning while going through blogs.

Shelley Mulshine, from her blog.

Audrey Kitching, from her blog.

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