May 29, 2011


Currently hungover and would enjoy a really big sleep! Had a brilliant night last night watching local bands at the pub then off to another pub with friends followed by alot of dancing into the morning! Lots of cider was drunk, yummy! But had a pyjama day and baked choc-chip cookies today, which is exactly what Sundays are for!  I have sold one Spock doll and it is half finished and will soon be ready to send out :) If anyone else is interested in purchasing one, go to the 'my shop' page in the side bar!

May 20, 2011


1. Ocean Waves
2. My Neighbours The Yamadas.
3. The Borrower Arrietty
4. Kokurikozaka Kara
5. The tale Of The bamboo Cutter
6. Porco Rosso 2.
Obviously the reasons for not seeing the last few listed is because they are not realeased in Australia yet, or just not released anywhere yet! And the reason for not seeing the others is that my Studio Ghibli DVD collection has a few films to each discs and on some discs you cant choose which one you want to watch and have to watch about two or three to see the one you want! Which is annoying, because I don’t always want to, or have time to, watch three movies to get to the one I want! Ohh well! I will get there, I own them anyway :D

May 19, 2011


Porco Rosso always used to annoy me, and just the film in general. I like the movie, but I just didn’t really catch onto Porco Rosso as a character. I’m no sure why, I don’t hate and I can stand watching him, maybe because he is a pig. I’m not sure.

May 16, 2011


Just started up a DeviantART account, just to keep track of all my artwork and scribbles in my journal! This weekend has been super busy, I had three nights of Eurovision and red wine planned! That is, until work got in the way... I still managed to spend three nights away from home, eat a lifetime supply of McDonalds, finally watch the first X-Files movie, start series 6 of X-Files, spend three lovely days with Ben, watch one night of Eurovison, go shopping and go to a gig once it had finished. PLUS possibly selling my first Spock doll! I have worked three days straight and now have five more to power through before one day off, then back on to work a few more days! Pay will be amazing, but I will be dead! 

May 15, 2011


I have started to sell my hand made Star Trek Spock dolls! If you look in my sidebar, there is a link to a page connected this blog with details on them and how you can purchase one! If you are interested in purchasing one, you simply need to e-mail me at the given e-mail address and we will then exchange details and go from there! Spock will hopefully be the first of many handmade goodies that I will be selling through my blog! Spock is AUS$60 and he is made to order as I work alot! Head over to the page and let me know what you think, or even better, BUY ONE ♥


I think it’s Only Yesterday. I think it is about the only one I have had a nap through… Sometimes I think it’s the beauty of Miyazaki’s work that makes me love it so much, but then ones like that just fail in my opinion. It didn’t appeal to me at all and I just wasn’t overly excited to be watching it. Oh well.


I know, I've been slack in posting anything lately, I haven't really done much lately because I have been sick! I helped Ben move into his new river-side house which has led to alot of coffee and hot chip dates, as the house is next to coffee shops, fish and chip shops, restaurants and tapas places! Also been working lots, then coming straight home to finish X-Files (just finished season 5!) then sleeping in very late until I need to get up again. Went to a gig with local and interstate band on the weekend, Skinny Geans, it wasn't the best one as it was freeeezing and my favourite local band, DIG?, weren't playing. Last night I visited a sick friend and we made dinner and had a Halo party with her boyfriend and his friend. Ben and I also went and saw Source Code the other night. It was a little different to what I was expecting and a tad repetitive, but it was different and enjoyable to watch..until you started seeing the same thing over and over, then it became predictable. BUT it was either Source Code or Fast Five, because nothing exciting is playing at the moment! Off to go shopping now, then hopefully spend the afternoon cuddled up with coffee, X-Files and drawing for the afternoon! 

May 12, 2011


Oh dear, someone answer this for me! Ponyo, My Neighbour Totoro, Howl’s moving Castle, Spirited Away… I can’t choooooose. For now, for tonight, lets go: Ponyo! Ponyo is so cute, and such an innocent movie! It’s also one of the latest to be released therefore the animation is so bright and beautiful and I’m a sucker for amazing/bright/simple animation. I also love the fact that Liam Neeson does Ponyo’s dad’s voice, such a dreamy voice… Something that has also influenced my own artwork is the waves and the underwater world at the beginning of Ponyo! And young love, between Ponyo and Sosuke, is adorable!

May 10, 2011


On Tumblr I have decided to complete the '30 Day Studio Ghibli Challenge' where I answer a different question everyday and thought I would also post my replies on here! My Tumblr.
Question one: First Studio Ghibli Film?
It was eitherrrr Laputa: Castle In The Sky or Spirited Away! I can’ts remember! I started watching alot of anime when I was younger with my dad and I remember him making me sit down to watch Laputa but the first Ghibli film I really remember getting into and owning was Spirited Away, it’s the movie that started my love for Ghibli! EEEEEEEE.

May 5, 2011


I currently have black hair, although bought medium/dark brown hair dye today! Very excited to have a change, although I will miss black, and I can also wear my hair extensions so it will be looong! Also, you can see that I finally got my nose pierced again, yay. Lso this is one of my new 60's shift dress, with a swirly psychedelic pattern., i love it! My new E-Bay dress arrived too, but I'm not toooo happy with it, it just looks.... odd. Shitty webcam photo...