June 2, 2010

i do it for you.

(audrey kitching buzznet, radarzine, lookbook, fuck yeah faris badwan, my pictures oopsies)
i like pictures, that have nothing in common.
It is official, I have been listening to JLo all the time lately! Due to hearing her at work all the time. "What is 
love", brilliant song aha. Help. Sex and the City 2 tomorrow, exciiiited. Then seven hours of work BUT then none all weekend. Which leaves time for whiskey and sleep. And more JLo! Should have lots of money for the weekend, so I predict it will all be spent on clothing, coffee, lollies and movies aha. I love when I get a big pay! Had a brilliant night last night with friends at the unit, but alas, no photos as it was shit lighting and well, I took photos of toast and they came out yellow. Joy. Gossip Girl + popcorn + raisin toast + toasted hashbrowns + incense + oreos = makes for a good night! I need to start being happier, I just keep moping all day everyday and its starting to drive me crazy, so I'm on a mission. Happiness as of now:
1. strong coffee as always.
2. fruitloops.
3. JLo ;)
4. joy division.
5. primary colours by the horrors.
6. simply staring at mr badwan.
8. choc covered coffee beans.
9. liquid eyeliner.
10. attempting to be healthy. but failing.


  1. Joy division won't make ye happy!

  2. not the happiest of tunes, but they calm me! :)