December 16, 2010

December 13, 2010

the man trap.

Too busy watching Star Trek and working to blog! But I have been to see Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader and got to stare at Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian), who is a babe. I also saw Devil, which was shit so don't even bother with that one! Due Date, on the other hand, is very good and very funny!  The other night I bought leather high waisted shorts off E-Bay and the first three original series of Star Trek! YYAAAYY. Just waiting for them to come :) I will blog something more exciting when I have time tooooo.

December 2, 2010


Chowing down on a sherbet filled Chupa-Chup, listening to The Dead Weather and having late night chats with friends is what its all about. Massive weekend has just passed. Went out both nights with a friend for her boyfriends birthday, had work both days, died both days from horrible hangovers, saw Jackass 3D and it was actually amazing and then dyed my hair from white blonde to ashy/grey/dirty blonde! Decided to poof up my hair in a 60's style and it matched my eye makeup and vintage glomesh bag perfectly! Its the first day of December and I headed out to do my Christmas shopping! And only bought things for me... (black floppy sun hat, black belt and high waist shorts) But this day also means eating the chocolate from my Hello Kitty advent calendar ♥ tonight was spent cooking eight packs of spicy noodles and feeling very sick but still going out to get wedges and eating two huge packs between the four of us. Also monopoly and gossip girl!
Also, people I know who don't have Blogger have been telling me that they read this, which is exciting! Especially for when i start making things and selling them very soon!