December 16, 2010

December 13, 2010

the man trap.

Too busy watching Star Trek and working to blog! But I have been to see Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader and got to stare at Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian), who is a babe. I also saw Devil, which was shit so don't even bother with that one! Due Date, on the other hand, is very good and very funny!  The other night I bought leather high waisted shorts off E-Bay and the first three original series of Star Trek! YYAAAYY. Just waiting for them to come :) I will blog something more exciting when I have time tooooo.

December 2, 2010


Chowing down on a sherbet filled Chupa-Chup, listening to The Dead Weather and having late night chats with friends is what its all about. Massive weekend has just passed. Went out both nights with a friend for her boyfriends birthday, had work both days, died both days from horrible hangovers, saw Jackass 3D and it was actually amazing and then dyed my hair from white blonde to ashy/grey/dirty blonde! Decided to poof up my hair in a 60's style and it matched my eye makeup and vintage glomesh bag perfectly! Its the first day of December and I headed out to do my Christmas shopping! And only bought things for me... (black floppy sun hat, black belt and high waist shorts) But this day also means eating the chocolate from my Hello Kitty advent calendar ♥ tonight was spent cooking eight packs of spicy noodles and feeling very sick but still going out to get wedges and eating two huge packs between the four of us. Also monopoly and gossip girl!
Also, people I know who don't have Blogger have been telling me that they read this, which is exciting! Especially for when i start making things and selling them very soon!

November 25, 2010


Its closing in on summer and I have no clothes for it! But I did manage to find a 60s shift dress that I bought off E-bay last year hidden in my wardrobe and now it's my favourite dress! I went and saw Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows last night, I cant give it too much good praise because I feel like not alot actually happened, alot of fumbling around with in-between scenes. But still a good night and it did have epic moments, that I wont spoil ;) I also watched Jaws for the first time the other day! And the 1952 Invaders From Mars, which stopped playing half way through pfft, and Donnie Darko for the millionth time! Time to munch down on some vegie burgers and visit a friend!

November 21, 2010


yep, this is the whiteness.

It has taken a week from my first bleaching incident buuut, now it is white! I have ash blonde dye, but I do enjoy this colour and won't dye it just yet!
In the last few days I have spent alot of money on nothing, stayed at a friends and thought getting out of bed at 3pm was the best idea ever, dressed up in a Harry Potter hat at work and sold ice creams, made a short adventure to the pub last night and ended up sitting in a friends van they bought for Falls! Today will consist of coffee, bed, 50s sci-fi movies, Mario kart, my friend Ben and probably sleep and cleaning!
Also, check out my we♥it HERE.

November 17, 2010

sweet treats.

Can't say my week has been too thrilling. Went and saw the Social network for the second time, pretended to study but got distracted by big Bang Theory season 3, had a mishap with hair lightener with friends of Friday night and now my hair is a lovely shade of orange... Had an exam, bought a top off E-Bay, became re-addicted to Crystal Castles, finished school and spent three hours putting my art work on display (which I will take photos of tomorrow) aaand basically I have finished school now for a very long time and can let the fun and adventures start! Ahh today I think I will pretend to study, bake something from the Frankie Magazine cookbook 'Sweet treats and possibly see paranormal Activity! Not a movie I will enjoy buut who would turn down a free movie?!

November 8, 2010

fascination ends.

Had a lovely week that consisted of a fiesta with people form work followed by a work party, a games night full of chips and Rapidough, went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant followed by a fail trip into town that night, haven't done alot of study, watched alot of Big Bang Theory and Gossip Girl, spent alot of the last few days with my best friend which was wonderful and tonight hopefully of to finally see The Social Network! In April I'm off to see Katy Perry play in Melbourne! And hopefully in the summer holidays I'll be going to WA to see people! All very exciting :D Holidays start at the end of this week, well exams do but I only have two, which means sleep , work, baking, road trips, FALLS! movies and more sleep.

October 29, 2010

the little girl will fall.

 where im getting mine i think! ^^

To say it has been a full-on week would be an understatement. Handing in final assignments, late nights, friend dramas, going out for dinner, staying at a bed and breakfast with a best friend and drinking fishbowls, working, shopping and everything in between. And the weekend ahead will be exactly the same. Two work things on sunday and modelling for a friend's E-Bay store on monday! I'm having a girly night in after watching friends arrive at the ball. I'm settling down with 8L of Fanta in my new cup, had some fried food, Gossip Girl, painted nails and my pet rats. :D bought a new dress from Sportsgirl today, on sale sale sale! I may be spending up over the next week and buying the Black Milk galaxy tights, a heap of new oversized rings, shoooeess, movies and just anything that pops up, I crave retail therapy.
I know some people enjoy my pointless posts! ;) and to all my friends that actually read this and dont have Blogger and send comments to me via Facebook, you can comment on here!

October 27, 2010

midnight boom.

Eat Pray Love is long and slow although it makes me want to travel, as I'm sure it has that affect on everyone, and makes me crave amazingly good food! And some of the characters were brilliant ;) I have no homework left, just study! I hope.. I had my Japanese oral today, a practice one, and got a B! Doing average, phew! I also got work of for falls festival. Very much excited.  ♥ Ahh I wish I didnt love the Cure so much, I play them constantly. Until I fall asleep every night and in my car and in art. Need to book in for my tattoo. 'friday im in love', when money comes my way.

October 26, 2010

fade to black.
I stumbled upon this blog a few nights ago, amongst my 2am boredness. Her style doesnt always interest me but she has very lovely clothes and takes good photos! I think I may start blogging a little more, more photos of me and my daily mischief. Keep me occupied!Tonight I saw Resident Evil 4 and I would like to tell you that I have seen them all to compare it with but alas i havent, but I will get around to it! yesterday I spent my day watching LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring, one of my favourite movies. I love the trilogy, JRR Tolkien brightens me day, I read his biography last year! Currently in bed with my rats listening to The Cure whom also, brighten my day. Shopping or online shopping is what I could go right now but I have no money until I pay my car rego :(Hope everyone has a lovely week to those who reads :D

October 22, 2010


my amazing half finished neopolitan cupcake.

the outcome of packet mix cake, a bird and a kilo of yummy stuff.


Some photos of our girly night baking-fest and one of my rats being sneaky in my fanta box. Ahh this week I have finished all my homework for the year, went out wednesday night with friends and defintiely died on thursday, bought Gossip Girl Season 3. Going out for dinner tonight for Brittony's birthday to a sushi place then out to the casino! :D currently cleaning my room out, I love having friday off after lunch time :D

belated birthday posty.

my huge totoro pillow!

yeah, kama sutra chocolate... cupcake bath bombs and marshmallow perfume!

yoshi toy and sweet treats recipe book!

pokemon! frankie and a ceramic thermos!

two cute notebooks and star trek manga!

glow in the dark stars! bracelet, zipper, pen and notebook.

lots of lollies! sherbet filled lollipops ;)

mango mango mango and totoro keyring!

pretty things to decorate my phone, which i havent started yet...

Pretty much all my birthday presents :) minus other things that are floating around and my phone!
I enjoy my creepy cat pillow being in the background.. And yep, my friends got me kama sutra chocolate.
Mum also made me a mini album and thats here!

October 17, 2010

i should make money from this.

The girls eyes in the top picture are amazing! And Leonard Nimoy is a babe vulcan and Shelley Mulshine is too, just not a vulcan..
Today was brilliant! Spent it on the couch eating hot chips and Yan Yan with Ben whilst watching the first series of the X-Files! Which we have been watching alot of in the past few days.. then work, but after work I get midnight snacks so its okay :) Tomorrow will probably pan out to be the same!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTONY :D 18 today cutieeeeeee!
Ahh not a very exciting time in life right now, study and assignments to do then exams soon. This week I did sit with Brittony for a very long time while she picked her tattoo in the tattoo studio! Ahh nearly had an amazing vegetarian dinner but then got sick beforehand, saw my first X-Files episode, discovered my love for red cordial and had a little shopping spree! Its 2am, im going to bed..

October 13, 2010

"put your finger on your eye."

The top photo is from the other night and according to one of my friends it is an amazing photo and this post is for her, HAYLEY ;) even though i may look pale and slightly asian.
and thats hannah the babe faaaaaaaace in the photo.
Then a small mash up photos that were lurking around my computer.
Big rings, cats and coffee ♥