April 18, 2011


Photos from a friend's birthday party with the theme 'GagaBoosh' (Lady GaGa and The Mighty Boosh, for those silly people who don't get it). We had the lightning bolt makeup going, the bow in our hair made form our own hair, leather, false eyelashes, leotards, and Stef's bright purple wig! Alot of red wine was consumed, it was lovely! Also a picture of some lollies that arrived in the mail today from mum's friend (part of my breakfast) and the leftover cake from my little sister's birthday (second part of my breakfast ha). And a semi-finished drawing, needs colour, cutting to size and a little fixing!



Brilliant movie! Saw it tonight with Ben, huge popcorn, Fanta and lollies ♥

April 15, 2011


Goal: Update this almost everyday! Even if the post is babble, as this one probably will be. It already is... I seem to work all day, spend the afternoon with my love, come home and eat for a few hours, watch a movie and sit here wondering what to post about. Sounds exciting I know, but I love it. Nice relaxing nights after eight hours of work ♥
Ben and I saw 'Just Go With It' last night and while yes, it is hilarious, we were almost asleep. I'm not entirely sure if it's because the movie was something we don't normally go to/enjoy or we just hadn't enough coffee for the day... Everyone else that watched it laughed so much, I could hear more laughter than dialogue. So if you need a funny movie in your life, go go go. But honestly, if I had to deal with Adam Sandler for five more minutes, I would have buried my head in popcorn.
For the week I have the first three 'Karate Kid' films, one of the 'Land Before Time' movies and a James Bond movie! All I need now is Weeds season 3!
The dress pictured is one that I won on E-Bay last night for $25!! Including postage! BEYOND ecstatic about that bargain. Also just stole 400+ songs of Ben, therefore I am set for the near future and can enjoy a bundle of new 60s etc music. And bought Blood Pressures by The Kills today! Bliss.
Everybody's comments/views/opinions are very much appreciated. Thankyou ♥ Keep it all coming.

April 14, 2011

April 7, 2011


Soooo sleeeepy right now! Up watching Weeds season 2, slightly addicted at the moment, with a homemade choc-chip cookie and cordial to keep me awake! Waiting on a 60's shift dress that I bought from E-bay to arrive, I just need some new clothes to wear! This week is all about loading up a new wardrobe, baking copious amounts of biscuits, trying to see my lover and trying to get to the movies because it's been a while! Although work work work, going to gigs and late nights and baking are the usual go at the moment so a nap is all i need. And a few nights away as soon as possible would be lovely, but only after the Easter holidays are over because it's one of the times of the year when work is zooom super busy.
I think it's about time I did a movie review, any movies?