September 27, 2009

long time, no see.

okay okay, so i fail at blogging lately. well, it has been over a month now... oopsies! i guess i just got carried away with holidays and school is back now, kills me. currently listening to david bowie, fan or not a fan? babe at any rate, you have to admit. lately i have really gotten into dinosaurs and aliens and anything sci fi really! after watching all the Alien movies, i moved onto Jurassic Park and loved it! i want to fill my bedroom with plush dinosaur toys! eep. then i thought about being a paleontologist? but i think i have decided to be nearly everything under the sun so far so i doubt i will stick with that idea and will change it soon! i always wanted to be a zoologist but when i discovered i would need to do maths in college, i ran aha. still would like to though. my ratties have grown SO much, the little one edie is big big big now. what a cutie, and neko too.

birthday is next week, i relly wanted a pair of coloured doc martens, PINK ONES, but then decided i'd prefer black ones. but they're more expensive then coloured ones! so thatidea went out the door. and after finding the doc marten look book im really jealous of all those peaople with some. buuut, i got nice fashion ideas of all these people!! nails are painted pink with glitter, nose ring is coming this week and off to get my industrial piercing soon! oh so happy. and only 6 weeks of school left. and off to queensland with the boyfriend in november (hes going to pearl jam and i just get to cruise alone aha) THEN im buying a car in a few months for cheap cheap and even though its a year away or so... JAPANJAPANJAPAN!! yay yay yay :)

i did my first art piece of the year that im actually happy with, and did it in two lessons! i would take a photo but my camera is dead, again. its going on display in the school, im a bit scared. im SUPPOSED to have three or four done but spent os long trying to do this pther piece, that i ended up hating, so started this one, loved it, finished it aha. ill post a photo next week once i have a picture.

i havent posted in so long i just feel like i have to say everything! even irrelevant things. so i apologise for the blabber.

things i cant live without lately.
black coffee! youtube. yen + frankie magazine. cereal. raats. water. glitter. gym. art diary. the cure. and the horrors. studio ghibli movies, they complete me. and death note, that makes me hap hap happy. playing spyro!

i think i will update my blog more often now people, its fun.
did i mention i want to be a flight attendant too! meeep.