September 28, 2010

im leaving now.

Just going to put it out there, The Other Guys is amazing. I'm very glad I gave in and decided to go, joined by a good friend, popcorn and fanta! Best night in a while, yeah! My birthday is only one week away and I'm getting very very very excited about my two dinners and present! BUT also the tatoo that I am 90% sure about, just cant pick where to get it ;) YAY. The words 'friday im in love' will be making an appearance on my body somewhere, as the song, by The Cure, means alot to me and everything behind it. My obsession with fanta forced me to buy a 24 can carton the other day... Grand final was a good day, didnt actually watch the game, just had drinks and deep fried food with Stef! So busy lately, finishing school, working, doing photo shoots with Emily, cleaning rats and gahhh. Im very hungry right now but should go to sleep!

September 23, 2010

its beautiful.

So I just went on a little adventure with a friend to the movie store and found Gossip Girl season one for $16! Too excited. I've got it on now. I may just watch it all night. Tomorrow I am doing a photoshoot for a friend tomorrow which should be interesting in the studio! Then off to a friend's for a That 70's Show marathon and drinks! Today I realised that sushi and a shower makes everything alot better although right now I'm a little disappointed that there are no lollies in the house. very keen to see The Last Airbender so I need someone to come with me!

September 21, 2010


stumbled upon this earlier. jason schwartzman is  a mega babe an adorable actor, and a dreamy evil boyfriend in scott pilgrim vs the world! apart from listening to this today for something different, ive been listening to the klaxons new album 'surfing the void' all week! its amaaaazing. very keen to see them play at falls, hopefully! currently semi watching the new robin hood, although ive seen it and dont overly enjoy it to the extent of sitting through it again! i may watch uritsukidoji later orrr erin brokovich, whichever i feel like i guess! birthday in two weeks and counting. school work is almost finished and i will be happy to have an almost work free weekend! :D

September 18, 2010

the only way to get rid of a temptation, is to yield it.

I've been indulging in my movie watching lately instead of my homework! I bought Adam, a beautiful movie, went and saw the Sorcerer's Apprentice, finally got around to watching 2012 but i suggest you dont start watching it at 11pm... I also watched Dorian Gray and it stuck in my head all week so I ended up buying it yesterday! Also rented Batman Begins, Akira, Youth in Revolt aanndd an anime I cant remember the name of! :D I have been working everyday these holidays but managed to get to Hobart in my day off! Had an early start, spent alot of money, ate some Nandos, bought a totoro plush toy and my birthday dress, shit weather and an awesome car trip soundtrack! My birthday is soon, its exciting! Im also a little disappointed that I most likely wont get to the Tim Burton exhibition in Melbourne! Mum just bought some of my birthday presents, enough rhinestones and pearls to decorate my new phone off etsy! :D

September 9, 2010


Despicable Me is the cutest movie in the world! Everyone go and see it, in 3D! I have a special cup from work with one of the minions on it, best thing from work. Off to Sorcerer's Apprentice tonight, which wont be as good as as a cute animations, but still :) Currently addicted to Fanta, its the meaning of my life right now. As it toast and cup-a-soup which I seem to be downing like water. Planning for my birthday at the moment, its so exciting! I had a good friend's 18th last week, had some drinks and yum pizza! This week and next I have work everyday, minus about two days so im super busy! But I will have lots of money hopefully to go to Melbourne or Hobart sometime in the next few weeks and fill up my summer wardrobe! Last week was spent animal/house sitting with Ben, we lived off noodles and chips and it was amazing amazing amazing and so was the money outcome! My blog needs updating and I will get around to that very soon when im not flat out and my  computer is dying, like right now!