November 25, 2010


Its closing in on summer and I have no clothes for it! But I did manage to find a 60s shift dress that I bought off E-bay last year hidden in my wardrobe and now it's my favourite dress! I went and saw Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows last night, I cant give it too much good praise because I feel like not alot actually happened, alot of fumbling around with in-between scenes. But still a good night and it did have epic moments, that I wont spoil ;) I also watched Jaws for the first time the other day! And the 1952 Invaders From Mars, which stopped playing half way through pfft, and Donnie Darko for the millionth time! Time to munch down on some vegie burgers and visit a friend!

November 21, 2010


yep, this is the whiteness.

It has taken a week from my first bleaching incident buuut, now it is white! I have ash blonde dye, but I do enjoy this colour and won't dye it just yet!
In the last few days I have spent alot of money on nothing, stayed at a friends and thought getting out of bed at 3pm was the best idea ever, dressed up in a Harry Potter hat at work and sold ice creams, made a short adventure to the pub last night and ended up sitting in a friends van they bought for Falls! Today will consist of coffee, bed, 50s sci-fi movies, Mario kart, my friend Ben and probably sleep and cleaning!
Also, check out my we♥it HERE.

November 17, 2010

sweet treats.

Can't say my week has been too thrilling. Went and saw the Social network for the second time, pretended to study but got distracted by big Bang Theory season 3, had a mishap with hair lightener with friends of Friday night and now my hair is a lovely shade of orange... Had an exam, bought a top off E-Bay, became re-addicted to Crystal Castles, finished school and spent three hours putting my art work on display (which I will take photos of tomorrow) aaand basically I have finished school now for a very long time and can let the fun and adventures start! Ahh today I think I will pretend to study, bake something from the Frankie Magazine cookbook 'Sweet treats and possibly see paranormal Activity! Not a movie I will enjoy buut who would turn down a free movie?!

November 8, 2010

fascination ends.

Had a lovely week that consisted of a fiesta with people form work followed by a work party, a games night full of chips and Rapidough, went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant followed by a fail trip into town that night, haven't done alot of study, watched alot of Big Bang Theory and Gossip Girl, spent alot of the last few days with my best friend which was wonderful and tonight hopefully of to finally see The Social Network! In April I'm off to see Katy Perry play in Melbourne! And hopefully in the summer holidays I'll be going to WA to see people! All very exciting :D Holidays start at the end of this week, well exams do but I only have two, which means sleep , work, baking, road trips, FALLS! movies and more sleep.