May 3, 2010

sir, we've found him.

This week I saw Iron man 2 with Benjamin and people from work, loved it! And having Robert Downey Jr in it, makes it even moooorre amazing ;) Agree? Agreed. I wants to see it again. And Tonight I went and saw Hot Tub Time Machine, I DEFINITELY recommend it. It is actually laugh out loud funny. Good Good. Hopefully off to see The Hurt Locker with daddy this week, I'm excited to see it as it won best film at the Oscars! Ahh, movies. My life. But I did watch the Japanese film Machine Girl the other night, err, not so fantastic aha. I need to go op-shopping this week! And buy a cream lace leotard! And moccasins! And fifty other things on my list.

favourite look (lookbook)

quick list of nothing:
1. i need coffee right now. at midnight.
2. benjamin makes me happy happy.
3. i feel like tofu sushi and lots of lollies.
4. been vego (3rd time now) for 7 monthsish!
5. i love my new job :)


  1. I bought an amazing jacket for $6 today at the town city mission, oh I'm in love! :D

  2. oh wow, i was going to go there today! you beat me ;) lucky.

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  4. its so simple, but so cute. :D
    thankyouuu. will look.

  5. love the pastel color shoes. so pretty..
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  6. im on the hunt for a pair! :)
    yep yep.