May 20, 2010

shelley mulshine.

(shelley mulshines
She is a 19 year old girl from Sweden and her looks are amazing. Varying from pink and girly to all black. I love the last photo! so happy i have all those clothes to make my own look like it :) I guess I kind of idolise this little lady. Her fashion is so lovely, she is successful at 19 and seems really happy. Her blog is here and lookbook is here. Lookbook is silly and only saves most pictures as whole pages so i cant get more photos other than ones I have saved!


  1. I've seen her around on LookBook - i love her hair!

  2. ahh, her hair! its love.
    i love her makeup. :)

  3. ive seen shelley a lot on lb and i think she is a style genius, and it seems so effortless to her!i totally agree, and she is one of my icons in street style at the moment ;)
    cool blog, love those posts!