August 24, 2010

its cold.

What have I done in the last week? I'm not really sure, I cant remember. It is raining right now and I'm not overly keen on walking to my car in the wind and rain, I did buy a Curly Wurly on the way though and now I may be addicted. Saw Salt last week, it keeps you thinking and Angelina is a babe. It was enjoyable, almost as much as Scott Pilgrim :D Off to The Expendables tonight with dad though, which should be pretty amazing with all the action heroes in it like Stallone, Li, Willis etc. It should be epic! I enjoy Katy Perry sing-alongs way too much, especially by myself and toast. So much homework it is beyond stressful plus uni application things and tax forms! Blahhh. Have Emily's 18th dinner on wednesday though! YAY. I get to house/animal sit for a week starting this saturday, I am a little excited! I think I will end up living off noodles and toast all week... I dyed my hair red, but I think I will dye it back though, it looks eww. 
I guess it is my 18th birthday in about 6 weeks and have no idea what I am doing for it or what I want for a present! A tattoo? ;D YEAH. I have lots of money coming my way, I am a little excited. Im a bit excited for Melbourne too! 

- i live for breakfast lately. - quorn dippers! - pokemon indigo season 2! - wasting time on melbourne stuff with brittony ha. - making skateboards in art is fun! - hubba bubba. - a daily obsession with we♥it - ebay! 

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  1. I hadn't heard of a Curly Wurly up until this point; I want to try one now! :O