August 17, 2010

mushroom pillow.

(cant remember any, oops, sorry!)

WHAT AN AMAZING NIGHT. Just got to witness Benjamin play with his band (Mushroom Pillow) at the battle of the bands. He was on drums and ahhh, he is beautiful and Brittony and I loved his music way too much! Psychedelic trance music, "best since the 60s" according to some parent behind me! :D I am becoming addicted to toast. Im getting prepared for when I live in poverty in Melbourne next year. Mi Goreng all day everyday, yum yum. I also completed a fair amount of homework, kaching! Beyond keen for the next few weeks, making extra money by animal-sitting and spending it with Benjiiii. Bought a dress off e-bay (above) buuutt not sure if I want to keep it? Bought some cute pj's with lollies and icecream from them toady from Target kids section ;) Dying my hair red again tomorrow yyaayyy! Um my weekend was pretty mad, held a surprise party for a friend which resulted in ten people showing and then re-locating to another raw party with crazy people moshing in a small room and nearly getting a basketball through our heads ha. Then sat hungover on the couch for  nine hours straight watching tv... I really desire some underwear like in Factory Girl (with Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick) where can I get some!? eep.

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