August 13, 2010

dearly beloved.

I would have my own photos up, but my cam is dead!
EEE, such an amazing day yesterday. Spent a few hours playing video games at Game On and one of the guys that work there gave me a cute little history lesson on Pachinko pinball machines, t'was quite lovely. Then went and ate some popcorn and fanta for dinner, yep yep healthy as, and watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World. It was pretty epic with the video game sound effects and Jason Schwartzman and Michael Cera battling it out! Ahh :) Such a lovely night last night. Bought two vintage bags, a black slip, a large jumper and Alien novel all for $12 at the op-shop today! :D And Pokemon: Indigo League season two for $45! :D made my day. But work soon.. Guess it will pay for moving to Melbourne next year! Beyond excited for the big move with Brittony! (possibly). My hair needs dying, very badly buuut cant decide what colour. I keep finding amazing tattoo ideas like the totoro one above but I still need to decide! And actually be 18..

- primary colours album. - benji ♥ - doc martens. - seeing a movie almost everyday. - knowing what im doing next year. - green apple licorice. - game on! - my 18th! - Quorn products :D all these things excite me right now.


  1. that totoro tattoo is wicked and so is Scott Pillgim

  2. scott pilgrim was epic!
    maybe i'll see it again!
    mm totoro is amazing.