August 3, 2010

aboslutely nothing.


It's been exam time so I have been a little busy...lie. I was sick, sleeping, eating and staring at Japanese for a week. But they're over now, phew! More people read this than I actually thought, which is nice :) although i have nothing tor really blog about right now... This week I bought a new spotty blazer, a grey dress, I Believe You Liar by Washington cd, two cd's by The Cure, car mat and a dash mat for my new car, a space invader and cat eraser, the 1957 version of The Thing and Ben-x dvd! Off to see Knight and Day tonight with Benjamin, not really my top pick of what is currently on, not really a Tom Cruise fan. I have lots of money now so I may go to Melbourne to see the Tim Burton exhibition! :D I've been getting really weak and tired lately so I am slowly, not willingly, getting back into eating a LITTLE bit of meat. Blahhh. Watched the best movie last night, Man on the Moon with Jim Carrey.  Went to a house warming last weekend for Stef! Good times! Drank some OMNI and ate too many Doritoes... Dad just got me a carrot cake cupcake with a tower of cream cheese icing! :D :D


  1. I went to the Tim Burton expo, lots of fun.

  2. heya zo-e-o! i love your blog. some of these pics and stuff you dig up are amazing.

    guess what! i fixed and then broke those shoes again, i think ive had a curse put on me! bleh!

    again, love your blog.

  3. ahah thanks gabbie :)
    oh dear, those poor shoes! pretty shoes :D

  4. Oooh, Omni, Carrot cake + Cream Cheese icing, The Cure and Washinton <3