August 11, 2010

this needed a name.

(ellevictoire/cobrasnake/cant remember, oops!)
There is 50% chance of me moving to Melbourne at the beginning of next year for RMIT! And it makes me overly hap hap happy! Vegetarian spaghetti fritters for dinner, nom nom nom. Toy Story 2 for the second time in a few hours :D Been planning my 18th, getting a little excited. My hair desperately needs dying and i have about 876546789 things to do in the next month! Eww. Falls Festival line-up was announced today and makes my heart jump a little! EEE, Washington, The Klaxons, Angus & Julia Stone, Children Collide (seeing as I missed them at SoundScape)! Keen for second round to be announced! The trouble is, getting it off work.... Recently discovered ElleVictoire on Blogger aaand she is sooo cute! Love her fashion! Sheis so young and seems to have a fair bit going for her. She is my age aaand all I have is a lifetime supply of Frootloops aha.

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