September 9, 2010


Despicable Me is the cutest movie in the world! Everyone go and see it, in 3D! I have a special cup from work with one of the minions on it, best thing from work. Off to Sorcerer's Apprentice tonight, which wont be as good as as a cute animations, but still :) Currently addicted to Fanta, its the meaning of my life right now. As it toast and cup-a-soup which I seem to be downing like water. Planning for my birthday at the moment, its so exciting! I had a good friend's 18th last week, had some drinks and yum pizza! This week and next I have work everyday, minus about two days so im super busy! But I will have lots of money hopefully to go to Melbourne or Hobart sometime in the next few weeks and fill up my summer wardrobe! Last week was spent animal/house sitting with Ben, we lived off noodles and chips and it was amazing amazing amazing and so was the money outcome! My blog needs updating and I will get around to that very soon when im not flat out and my  computer is dying, like right now!

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