August 10, 2010

how do you tame a lion.

(garrypeppervinategisamazing/lookbook/skinnybitch/shelley ) love the lace over the slip!
Enjoyed a few drinks with friends over the weekend, can't exactly say I woke up feeling overly healthy but i did get to see my favourite man afterwards. I managed to play alot of Spyro also! Wooo. Just watched the new Clash of the Titans, it was pretty enjoyable and has inspired me to get a small tattoo reading 'STYX' as in the river needed to be crossed to get to Hades. I do enjoy some Greek mythology. I also watched Enid, the story of Enid Blyton's life. Well, she was messed up and some issues. The movie was interesting and insightful but that woman, needed some help and someone please tell me how she wrote over 750 books. I watched something else too bbuuuuttt... oh yeah! The Thing, gotta love a '50's black and white sci-fi film to get my night started! Tempted to open a cute cafe, all japanese and pink and cute that sells lots of cool flavoured teas, coffee etc and cute bento and mini sandwhiches! Just a cute place :D Buutt I'm so lazy.
- flavoured licorice by the bag full. - pumping the cure & washington in my new broom. - having four boxes of frootloops in my cupboard. - maccas runs just to eat fries. - tim burton ♥ - finding tattoo ideas. - mm subway!


  1. I saw Clash of the Titans in 3D and it made the movie nearly unwatchable, didnt think it was all that good overall anyway.

  2. i couldnt see it being much better in 3d, wouldnt improve it.
    i just like the creatures and hades! ha