October 29, 2010

the little girl will fall.

 where im getting mine i think! ^^

To say it has been a full-on week would be an understatement. Handing in final assignments, late nights, friend dramas, going out for dinner, staying at a bed and breakfast with a best friend and drinking fishbowls, working, shopping and everything in between. And the weekend ahead will be exactly the same. Two work things on sunday and modelling for a friend's E-Bay store on monday! I'm having a girly night in after watching friends arrive at the ball. I'm settling down with 8L of Fanta in my new cup, had some fried food, Gossip Girl, painted nails and my pet rats. :D bought a new dress from Sportsgirl today, on sale sale sale! I may be spending up over the next week and buying the Black Milk galaxy tights, a heap of new oversized rings, shoooeess, movies and just anything that pops up, I crave retail therapy.
I know some people enjoy my pointless posts! ;) and to all my friends that actually read this and dont have Blogger and send comments to me via Facebook, you can comment on here!


  1. what does blue monday mean? i have seen a few tattoos with this... :S

  2. no idea, but the only link i can think of with 'monday' and 'blue' is in 'Friday im in love' by the cure!
    which is where the words for mine are coming from ha. :)