October 26, 2010

fade to black.

I stumbled upon this blog a few nights ago, amongst my 2am boredness. Her style doesnt always interest me but she has very lovely clothes and takes good photos! I think I may start blogging a little more, more photos of me and my daily mischief. Keep me occupied!Tonight I saw Resident Evil 4 and I would like to tell you that I have seen them all to compare it with but alas i havent, but I will get around to it! yesterday I spent my day watching LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring, one of my favourite movies. I love the trilogy, JRR Tolkien brightens me day, I read his biography last year! Currently in bed with my rats listening to The Cure whom also, brighten my day. Shopping or online shopping is what I could go right now but I have no money until I pay my car rego :(Hope everyone has a lovely week to those who reads :D

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