October 17, 2010

i should make money from this.

The girls eyes in the top picture are amazing! And Leonard Nimoy is a babe vulcan and Shelley Mulshine is too, just not a vulcan..
Today was brilliant! Spent it on the couch eating hot chips and Yan Yan with Ben whilst watching the first series of the X-Files! Which we have been watching alot of in the past few days.. then work, but after work I get midnight snacks so its okay :) Tomorrow will probably pan out to be the same!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTONY :D 18 today cutieeeeeee!
Ahh not a very exciting time in life right now, study and assignments to do then exams soon. This week I did sit with Brittony for a very long time while she picked her tattoo in the tattoo studio! Ahh nearly had an amazing vegetarian dinner but then got sick beforehand, saw my first X-Files episode, discovered my love for red cordial and had a little shopping spree! Its 2am, im going to bed..

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