October 22, 2010

belated birthday posty.

my huge totoro pillow!

yeah, kama sutra chocolate... cupcake bath bombs and marshmallow perfume!

yoshi toy and sweet treats recipe book!

pokemon! frankie and a ceramic thermos!

two cute notebooks and star trek manga!

glow in the dark stars! bracelet, zipper, pen and notebook.

lots of lollies! sherbet filled lollipops ;)

mango mango mango and totoro keyring!

pretty things to decorate my phone, which i havent started yet...

Pretty much all my birthday presents :) minus other things that are floating around and my phone!
I enjoy my creepy cat pillow being in the background.. And yep, my friends got me kama sutra chocolate.
Mum also made me a mini album and thats here!


  1. you speal of merlin in this blog yet i see no photos of him! disappointed!

    on the other hand... one day i will rape your blog.

  2. get me one then! and he'll be famous ;)
    go for it.