October 12, 2010

big week.

getting readyyyyy, grace is hot ;) ha
worst photo..
I dint take many photos i realised but im going to take lots of presents tomorrow :D

Tuesday: My birthday and not a truly amazing day but still very very good :) had sushi with Ben and saw Dinner for Schmucks which was long and frustrating and got no where until the last half an hour. Afterwards we had dinner at the pub while i drank midori and played the pokies and failed miserably! Also had an amazing vegetarian stir fry for dinner :D got alot of amazing presents that I am way too happy about! 
Wednesday: Was a short day of school followed by getting ready for town at Stef's with a few others :D we then went to town, for my first time! Had some horrible drunk walks in heels but some yum drinks :D got home very early in the morning after indulging in pizza and climbing through Stef's window to gain entry to the house..ha.
Thursday: I had no school and I died from exhaustion.
Friday: Only had one class of japanese then had dinner at a small cafe/restaurant with friends :D dinner was so very small and well expensive. But amazing potato gnocchi that I want to eat right now! Then we went out to the casino to have an amazing drink called a 'diamond slipper'. Played more of the pokies and won about $5...
Saturday: I spent all my birthday gift vouchers and got one of my tattoos priced with Emily! I then went out once again although by this time I was dead...
Sunday: As usual consisted of a Maccas run, then K-Mart with Ben then eating food all day until I had to go to school today then 6 hours of work..
WOO :D my long story.
Currently in bed with me new HUGE Totoro doll, thankyou to Brittony :) soup and bed, please!


  1. Is pokies where each played puts down bets and you go around a table poking and the last person left wins the lot?

  2. sounds like a great week of bday fun I heard you had an awesome cake too

  3. it definitely means a poking war! :D
    OH YEAH, it will get its own post motherrrrrrrrr

  4. ahah this photo will never leave me!!

    <3 you