September 21, 2010


stumbled upon this earlier. jason schwartzman is  a mega babe an adorable actor, and a dreamy evil boyfriend in scott pilgrim vs the world! apart from listening to this today for something different, ive been listening to the klaxons new album 'surfing the void' all week! its amaaaazing. very keen to see them play at falls, hopefully! currently semi watching the new robin hood, although ive seen it and dont overly enjoy it to the extent of sitting through it again! i may watch uritsukidoji later orrr erin brokovich, whichever i feel like i guess! birthday in two weeks and counting. school work is almost finished and i will be happy to have an almost work free weekend! :D

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  1. jason schwartzman dates zooey deschanel , im a fan of their relationship <3