September 28, 2010

im leaving now.

Just going to put it out there, The Other Guys is amazing. I'm very glad I gave in and decided to go, joined by a good friend, popcorn and fanta! Best night in a while, yeah! My birthday is only one week away and I'm getting very very very excited about my two dinners and present! BUT also the tatoo that I am 90% sure about, just cant pick where to get it ;) YAY. The words 'friday im in love' will be making an appearance on my body somewhere, as the song, by The Cure, means alot to me and everything behind it. My obsession with fanta forced me to buy a 24 can carton the other day... Grand final was a good day, didnt actually watch the game, just had drinks and deep fried food with Stef! So busy lately, finishing school, working, doing photo shoots with Emily, cleaning rats and gahhh. Im very hungry right now but should go to sleep!


  1. you know fanta makes you're hair go red don't you?

  2. i didn't! but oh well, my hair is red :)
    so it can go super red.