September 23, 2010

its beautiful.

So I just went on a little adventure with a friend to the movie store and found Gossip Girl season one for $16! Too excited. I've got it on now. I may just watch it all night. Tomorrow I am doing a photoshoot for a friend tomorrow which should be interesting in the studio! Then off to a friend's for a That 70's Show marathon and drinks! Today I realised that sushi and a shower makes everything alot better although right now I'm a little disappointed that there are no lollies in the house. very keen to see The Last Airbender so I need someone to come with me!


  1. these girls are wearing animals!!!

  2. Nonsense. They’re wearing the skins of animals! It keeps them from being attacked by a horde of rampaging city leopards.

  3. cheser cat!! cant spell its name :(