June 17, 2010

darling i do.

love the tights, love the dress!

Just some photos from around! From Lookbook.nu and Shelley's blog.

Back at school this weeeek :( Although I have only gone for four classes as I took today off with a bad cough! Was meant to do homework but got sidetracked bye movies, Facebook and my friend Ben came round! Last night I watched the movie Adam, everyone should watch it!! It made me cry but at the same time it was so happy :) I like movies like Adam and I am on the hunt to buy it! Buuuut it seems it's really expensive, damn. I had soo much work in the holidays and now i have lots of money! Soo excited for shopping. The other day i managed to get two vintage cardigans and a pair of vintage shoes for $19 at the op-shop, woo! Ahh last monday I had a photoshoot with a friend to help with her photography assignment, I will post those photoswhen she uploads them! And I am having another this week in an attempt to get on Lookbook.nu, hopefully they'll accept me! On the movie front, I guess the last one i saw at the cinema was either The BackUp Plan or Sex and the city 2 buuut this saturday I am seeing Get him to the Greek with Ben! :D and hopefully later in the week seeing Shrek 4!
I have so much more to write about! But I dont want to make this post into an essay ha. 


  1. :D
    how do you put photo's on it??????

  2. M.... I love the photos...


  3. first pic - amazing tights
    Rianna xxxx