June 27, 2010

just mint.

♥ Pixies grey hair, I want it! Joy Division t-shirt is amazing, Zoe from Grand Theft Thrift is beautiful!
Soo this week I was a hermit and school and have been doing nothing but study and assignments! Although I did see Shrek 4, which is well worth seeing, and just saw Toy Story 3! It was amazing :D plus the popcorn, coke and maltesers! ;) if anyone has seen Shutter Island, they will understand how amazing it is! I bought it yesterday, keen to watch it for the second time tonight! Lately I have grown an obsession with buying expensive underwear and its emptying my wallet very quickly. Its lovely aha. Japanese and housing homework is killing me! I have to admit, my weekend WAS pretty wonderful :D drinks and singstar until 4am friday, best day ever with my bestie on saturday including Maccas and K-Mart and then seeing Toy Story and spending tonightrelaxing with bestie again! ♥