June 6, 2010

lookbook for the day!

Went and saw the Back Up Plan with Emily today and had clinkers! Followed with MacDonalds, a pizza and then a surprise visit to Ben and watched him master Arkham Asylum on PS3! Also bought pink grapefruit body wash from the Body Shop on the new AVP game on PC for $45. BARGAIN. Can't wait to install it :D I had cupcakes for lunch, mm nom nom. One week of holidays left! I have alot of housing homework and need to learn japanese as I cant remember a thing! ARGH. I think I may be off to see prince of Persia tomorrow night though, yay! Which means popcorn for dinner and also means I get to spend more time at my work... Speaking of that, I am tempted to get more work and drop two subjects? Blahh over school. Want money. Anyway, to the people that actually read or follow: have a nice weekend and leave nice comments :) Oh and i saw Sex and the City 2, yeahh not that brilliant. But funny.

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  1. That white dress with frills at the bottom is sooooooooooo beautiful
    Rianna xxxx