July 30, 2009

jelly rat.

the chocolate on my show, does NOT resemble chocolate. not that it matters too much to me, as i am lactose intolerant and cannot eat it anyway. my art teacher gave me, only me, a ceramic mask to decorate today. i felt special, but what was i supposed to draw on it? i drew squiggley lines and flowers :) aha. my cats heartbeat right no is pretty fast. IM REALLY HAPPY RIGHT NOW. because im going out to sushi with boy and friends tomorrow then to their house, for movies :) this post has no meaning. also in art today, we were given outr new task. we choose a topic and can show it through four seperate art workd using whatever medium and materials we wish. my topic is tea parties, i started it last night and then realised toda that i could use the drawing i did for art class. yayy :) this is my jelly slice from the other day :D

so tasty! :D make some! its easy peasy lemon squeezy.

and this is neko, one of my rats, eating her fair share. licking the condensed milk :) cutie.

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  1. hey great photo of the jelly slice!!! and what a cutie that little girl is xx