July 24, 2009

trainspotting & tea parties.

cupcakes, trainspotting and green tea. nothing can beat that when it comes to tea parties!
do you like tea parties?


im looking for some fabric to make dresses from. i have drawn up the patterns and such but now i just need to figure out how im going to make them, and what from!

i want a few to look like this:

this is a jesus diamante dress, i love all the stuff in their shop, well, most.
but its all so expensive, meep.
its all like a hime gyaru style, the japanese fashion, mmm its so pretty.
i guess i will get my dresses underway soon, as soon as i figure out how to!
mother will help ;)
now, lunch time. keen for soy coffee.


  1. Tainspotting is my favourite movie ever. :)

  2. I love your Diary!