August 1, 2009

hi, im sushi.

BEST SUSHI EVER FOR LUNCH TODAY. avacado, tofu and egg roll. :D so good, i really wish i bought more for my dinner but the omelette i made for din dins was still tasty.
yesterday i... got my nose pieced!! i got my monroe done (upper lip) for my birthday last year and then yesterday i went with my friend to get her belly done and i came out with my nose pierced :D i like it. i will put a ring in soon. when it heals and isnt red. craving icecream right now, but, of course, i cant have any. strawberry milkshake :D nommy.
so the other night, watching fear and loathing in las vegas. brilliant movie! ben and i love johnny depp in it! i am thinking about going to tafe next year, to do art school. but then i may not be able to keep learning japanese. my japanese teacher is italian, she is so nice :) so i dont know, art school could be so much fun. college fails.
i may post a top ten now, or tomorrow :D top ten.. food?

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