July 28, 2009


this is my first post on my pink laptop!! arrived an hour ago :D
i've decided to start doing a top ten thing.
i guess on each post i will have a new list, or one a week or something :)
sooo today i will do... TOP TEN MOVIES?

1. ben X.

2. donnie darko.

3. lord of the rings trilogy.

4. factory girl.

5. studio ghibli collection.

6. memoirs of a geisha.

7. kung fu panda.

8. curious case of benjamin button.

9. candy.

10. pokemon movies.

YAYYY :D but there are so many more brilliant movies, like finding neverland which i watched again last night. it made me feel inspired to write and draw, so i did :) peter pan is an amazing story. so today, im heading to benjamins house to watch fear and loathing in las vegas. is it good? we watched train spotting the nother night, good movie :) yayy so excited, using my brand new pink laptop. from here, i can blog, search e-bay and take webcam photos of my ratties :) :) one of my sisters rats is on my shoulder now, shaking silly little duffer. hopefully today i can fix my chipped pink nails, maybe ill do this to my nails:

these are from kawaiinails.com. one day ill buy some! this particular set is $50 US dollars. bugger. but there are totemo kawaii desu ne. makeup time! toddles :)


  1. Ah, but which Pokemon movie is your favorite? Can we let you just lump them all in together and count it as one choice? ;-)

  2. I have been hankering for a pink laptop for a long time! Welcome to the world of Blogging! I have only recently started Blogging as well and find it a bit easier than MySpace! I'll be back! xx

  3. Hi Zoe your mum sent me over to check on you , not really , lol ! Welcome to blogging have fun .