May 20, 2011


1. Ocean Waves
2. My Neighbours The Yamadas.
3. The Borrower Arrietty
4. Kokurikozaka Kara
5. The tale Of The bamboo Cutter
6. Porco Rosso 2.
Obviously the reasons for not seeing the last few listed is because they are not realeased in Australia yet, or just not released anywhere yet! And the reason for not seeing the others is that my Studio Ghibli DVD collection has a few films to each discs and on some discs you cant choose which one you want to watch and have to watch about two or three to see the one you want! Which is annoying, because I don’t always want to, or have time to, watch three movies to get to the one I want! Ohh well! I will get there, I own them anyway :D

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