May 15, 2011


I know, I've been slack in posting anything lately, I haven't really done much lately because I have been sick! I helped Ben move into his new river-side house which has led to alot of coffee and hot chip dates, as the house is next to coffee shops, fish and chip shops, restaurants and tapas places! Also been working lots, then coming straight home to finish X-Files (just finished season 5!) then sleeping in very late until I need to get up again. Went to a gig with local and interstate band on the weekend, Skinny Geans, it wasn't the best one as it was freeeezing and my favourite local band, DIG?, weren't playing. Last night I visited a sick friend and we made dinner and had a Halo party with her boyfriend and his friend. Ben and I also went and saw Source Code the other night. It was a little different to what I was expecting and a tad repetitive, but it was different and enjoyable to watch..until you started seeing the same thing over and over, then it became predictable. BUT it was either Source Code or Fast Five, because nothing exciting is playing at the moment! Off to go shopping now, then hopefully spend the afternoon cuddled up with coffee, X-Files and drawing for the afternoon! 

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