May 10, 2011


On Tumblr I have decided to complete the '30 Day Studio Ghibli Challenge' where I answer a different question everyday and thought I would also post my replies on here! My Tumblr.
Question one: First Studio Ghibli Film?
It was eitherrrr Laputa: Castle In The Sky or Spirited Away! I can’ts remember! I started watching alot of anime when I was younger with my dad and I remember him making me sit down to watch Laputa but the first Ghibli film I really remember getting into and owning was Spirited Away, it’s the movie that started my love for Ghibli! EEEEEEEE.


  1. My first was Spirited Away. When I was younger and had to go to daycare at PCYC they put it on everyday, I swear I've seen it like over 30 times.

  2. I think it would have frightened me if I was thaaat young! Such a good movie :D