March 6, 2010

happy birthday!

i spent three weeks making this doll!
i dislike sewing enormously, although i wanted Benji to have a special present!
i know three weeks is a long while..but i have school and such!
he came out pretty dandy i think :D
it says 'live long and prosper' on his arm too!
he is made out of calico and felt and his shirt is made of velour (not quite the right colour but close enough) :D

happy eighteenth! ♥


  1. Spocky is BRILLIANT you have done a fabulous job and Benji is one lucky boy xx

  2. You are a star crazy girl - you have done an amazing job - I am very impressed with your sewing skills!!! Obviously this talent skipped me and was passed onto you - it is very deflating to have a mum, sister and neice who are so creative and talented and I can't even sew a button on!!!! xxxxxx