March 1, 2010

dear brittony.

I think you have lovely makeup, hair and clothing and are a babe. And also, you finished the english writing assignment way too early and I am jealous! My engllis assignment ended up being a memoir about myself and a boy, so i can read back on it in years to come and think, wow. MY SHOES ARRIVED. and I am very excited to wear them in winter. woohoo, cold weather! i have budgeted my next pay for petrol and other boring things AND big bang series two on dvd and some new foundation! so excited to buy something else exciting in my state of poverty! :D buuuut, i would like to go and see Alice in Wonderland too! My friend thinks I should busk to make money for a ticket...haha. I made more jelly slice, I have an obsession with it! Sooo tasty! But this batch was for my art assignment but the photo kiind of failed so I dont know how Ill go with that one..
Soooo... watched The Barbarian Queen today. Alot of lovely 1980's rape, nudity and sex.. i can pick well filmed movies sometimes, obviously. BUT I did watch secret Window the other night, I was a little creeped out once it got passed the initial creppy bits with screw drivers but I love thrillers in comparison to horrors (cannot stand them!) and in the end, I loved it. :D

do my hair this colour...?

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  1. i like this blog more than i like life, and boy, do i like life :D